Managing Customers

Uncovering the Power of Deep Desire in Customers

Why the Need?

Whatever you do in your company, success will be dependent on continually getting new customers, serving existing customers and innovating to meet changing future needs. This programme deals with all three of these – Creative Sales, Creative Customer Service and Creating New Products and Services. Creativity is the key to all three.

Customers need to be helped to see what they really need, not just asked. This programme enables individuals achieve this by equipping them with the attitudes, skills and processes to think and relate in new and creative ways.

Programme Details at a Glance

  • 100% online
  • English
  • 2 Modules
  • 10 lessons with 4 assignments
  • 24 weeks in duration
  • 6 group tutor webinars
  • 24 weeks in duration
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion.


  • Discover a new and richer version of the role of the sales person.
  • Learn a new approach and the skills to develop sales with confidence.
  • Develop effective techniques to ensure every sales meeting succeeds.
  • Understand creative customer relationships.
  • Become skilled in the processes for developing exciting new products and services.
  • Learn how to develop real customer partnerships.
  • Learn how to sell with authenticity and integrity.
  • Develop a culture where everybody is a sales person with a customer focus.


  • 1. Sales Dynamics & Challenges
  • 2. Meeting Customers’ Needs
  • 3. Making Every Sales Meeting a Success
  • 4. Authentic Sales
  • 5. Intermediate Assignments
  • 6. Marketing with Meaning
  • 7. The Creative Session
  • 8. Creative New Product Sessions
  • 9. Creative Skills & Techniques
  • 10. The Customer Focused Organisation
  • 11. The Customer as Equal Partner
  • 12. Final Assignments

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