Managing Individuals

Releasing the Power of Potential in People

Why the Need?

Because individuals, like all of us, need attention. We need attention to be helped do real justice to ourselves and to the organisations we belong to. Individuals can lose their way, drop their standards and slip into unsatisfactory performance or behaviour. Or, they can get blocked and stop believing how great they really can be.

In this programme we deal with both of these potential pitfalls and provide clear, practical and powerful tools to help managers bring out the very best in their people for the benefit of all.

Programme Details at a Glance

  • 100% online
  • English
  • 2 Modules
    • Managing Unsatisfactory Performance
    • Managing for High Performance
  • 17 lessons with 4 assignments
  • 6 group tutor webinars
  • 24 weeks in duration
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion.

Managing Unsatisfactory Performance – (MI-001)

Almost every organisation has issues of unsatisfactory performance at one time or another and, while it may not involve a big number of people, if it is not dealt with, it will lead to an erosion of standards, loss of talent and a gradual worsening of performance overall. This is why it is so important for managers and the whole organisation to address this topic.

Managing for High Performance – (MI-002)

In this module on high performance we want to help you get to a whole new level of performance, success, and overall well-being, both as individuals and as an organisation. This may seem a big claim but it is a realistic one, because in it we will put you in touch with insights and truths about what it means to be really human, and will show you the wonders that happen when these are applied to management, leadership and work.