Managing Organisations

The Power of the Intelligent, Wise Organisation

Why the Need?

Over and above the efforts of individuals, the talent of our people, the accuracy of our strategies etc. there operates a dynamic which will determine just how successful these and other management initiatives in our organisations will be. The success of all of these initiatives, will depend on the paradigm from which our organisations operate. Heretofore, for the greater part, we have been operating out of a mind-set of cause-and-effect, of control, of prediction and certainty. We called it “management”.

This programme puts forward a new way of managing and leading that is more in tune with how things really are in our universe and with how people really are. As a result, whole new energies of freedom, accountability and creativity get released and both people and the organisation enjoy unprecedented levels of success and satisfaction.

Programme Details at a Glance

  • 100% online
  • English
  • 2 Modules
  • 10 lessons with 4 assignments
  • 6 group tutor webinars
  • 24 weeks in duration
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion.


  • Become more aware of the inadequacy of our existing organisational structures and approach to management.
  • Clarify how you would like your organisational culture to be and the enormous value this will bring to your people’s potential and performance.
  • Explore and practice a new model for empowering leadership in both yourself and others.
  • Develop the skills and confidence to lead in a coaching way and build an empowering culture of ownership and accountability.
  • Understand the new role of the manager and how to bring this new power into your day-to-day working with immediate effect.
  • Discover how this new way of leading delivers better results, more efficiently and with greater ease.


  • 1. The Performance & Potential Challenge
  • 2. The Traditional Approach to Managing
  • 3. The Damage to Ownership
  • 4. Parent-Child Relationships
  • 5. The Power of Coaching
  • 6. Intermediate Assignments
  • 7. A New Approach to Managing
  • 8. The Powerful Organisation
  • 9. Changing Daily Ways of Working
  • 10. The New Role of The Manager
  • 11. The Power of Ownership
  • 12. Final Assignments

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