Managing Stakeholders

Negotiating and Influencing with Integrity and Effectiveness

Why the Need?

Our effectiveness as managers and leaders no longer depends only on how well we manage the people who work for us. Today, most of what we need to accomplish only happens with the cooperation of many other stakeholders, over whom we have little or no direct control. Addressing this need calls for what this programme offers, a new and very powerful way of impacting on and influencing others.

This programme transforms the daunting challenge of getting buy-in and winning the commitment of others to important projects and goals into an enjoyable experience and one that guarantees successful outcomes for everybody involved.

Programme Details at a Glance

  • 100% online
  • English
  • 2 Modules
  • 10 lessons with 4 assignments
  • 6 group tutor webinars
  • 24 weeks in duration
  • Certificate of Achievement on successful completion.


  • Explore and get a new perspective on what it means to successfully negotiate.
  • Develop the competence and confidence to influence key players over whom you have no hierarchical authority.
  • Learn the skills and know-how to influence with integrity and effectiveness.
  • Strengthen your ability to understand and get inside the other person’s world.
  • Discover and develop the power of meaning.
  • Learn how to make your values work for you in all your negotiations.
  • Develop and practise commitment winning skills and processes.
  • Deepen your ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships of trust with those with whom you negotiate.


  • 1. Traditional Approaches
  • 2. Challenges of Persuading & Convincing
  • 3. The Dynamics of Influencing
  • 4. Successful Negotiation
  • 5. Intermediate Assignments
  • 6. The 10 Different Kinds of Power
  • 7. The Power of Meaning
  • 8. The 7 Steps to Successful Negotiating
  • 9. Building Collaborative Relationships
  • 10. Achieving What Both Parties Want
  • 11. The Power of Integrity and Effectiveness
  • 12. Final Assignments

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