Know How To Make The Most Of Your People’s Thinking?



We hope this course will change how you see your role as leader of your meetings, your teams and your area of responsibility. We especially hope it will give you a new sense of the enormous power you have as a leader and that you become actually more power-full in a new way. You will learn that ‘Facilitating’ is what, in fact, will make you more powerful and help you to become a more effective leader. There will also be some un-learning to be done in this course; unlearning ways of controlling, and unlearning views of the leader as controller and superior.

We hope that this course opens your eyes to a whole new way of seeing your role as leader and opens your own and people’s minds to the enormous power they have to solve all kinds of problems and to make great things happen. We believe all this, and nothing less than this, is possible on this course.

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