Managing for High Performance (MI-002)


In this module on high performance we want to help you get to a whole new level of performance, success, and overall well-being, both as individuals and as an organisation. This may seem a big claim but it is a realistic one, because in it we will put you in touch with insights and truths about what it means to be really human, and will show you the wonders that happen when these are applied to management, leadership and work.


  • Learn new ways to use your power as a leader to “make others powerful”.
  • Deepen your understanding of what blocks people from performing to their potential.
  • Learn the five core management keys for unlocking performance and getting people performing to their best.
  • Get to the heart of what creates a meaningful vision that all believe in and get this power working for you.
  • Understand how to set challenging team and individual goals that fuel performance.
  • Discover and practice new ways of managing, of staying informed, challenging people, without damaging ownership and accountability.
  • Learn how a leadership mindset of “what is good for the company is also good for people and vice-versa” can radically make you a stronger, more caring and trustworthy leader.


  • 1. Introduction to High Performance
  • 2. The Gap between Performance and Potential
  • 3. Blocks to Performance and Greatness
  • 4. Circle of Influence
  • 5. C.O.A.C.H
  • 6. Intermediate Assignment
  • 7. Clear Goals
  • 8. The ‘X’ Meeting
  • 9. A Balanced Life
  • 10. Final Assignment

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