Managing Unsatisfactory Performance (MI-001)


Almost every organisation has issues of unsatisfactory performance at one time or another and, while it may not involve a big number of people, if it is not dealt with, it will lead to an erosion of standards, loss of talent and a gradual worsening of performance overall. This is why it is so important for managers and the whole organisation to address this topic.


  • Understand why it is so necessary to deal with situations of unsatisfactory performance.
  • Explore and practice new ways to handle feedback.
  • Become skilled at identifying where the real problem lies with respect to a person’s knowledge, attitude or skillset.
  • Learn and apply different approaches for effectively addressing the problem.
  • Understand how to handle emotions when they arise.
  • Remove the manager and leader’s dilemma of either being faithful to the person or to the organisation.
  • Have a reliable structure and toolkit to effectively manage performance conversations for the benefit of all involved.


  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Handling Feedback
  • 3. Challenging Assumptions
  • 4. More Than One Way to Address a Problem
  • 5. The Feelings Conversations
  • 6. The Manager’s Dilemma
  • 7. Intermediate Assignment
  • 8. Structuring the Conversation
  • 9. Bringing Things to a Close
  • 10. Bringing Things to a Close – Finally!
  • 11. Final Assignment

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