Creative Teamwork (MT–002)


Like it or not, we are all products of our environment and strongly conditioned by the dynamics in the organisations of which we are a part. This is why as leaders there is no greater help you can give your people than to create an environment where they can be creative, energised, impactful, and be themselves. This module shows you how.


  • Explore how a culture of too many meetings can seriously damage ownership, engagement and performance and what you as a leader can do about it.
  • Learn the four leadership decision making styles for optimising decision making in groups and win real commitment to your decisions.
  • Discover and understand why “process” is the key to leading great meetings and the management toolkit to do so.
  • Learn how structures affect organisational dynamics and how to replace competition and conflict with unity, collaboration and trust.
  • Understand the power of Facilitative Leadership and its associated skills for transforming your leadership results.
  • Learn why differences are important and how to manage them so that real agreement is achieved and wise decision-making happens on a consistent basis.
  • Deepen your ability to develop and lead powerful teams and real team-working.


  • 1. From Meetings to Org Dynamics
  • 2. Decision Making Styles
  • 3. Handling Meetings in a Creative Way
  • 4. Weekly Team Meeting
  • 5. Intermediate Assignments
  • 6. How Structures affect Org Dynamics
  • 7. Creative Structures for Vibrant Orgs
  • 8. The Power of Imagination
  • 9. Decision Making in Teams
  • 10. Good for Me or Good for the Company?
  • 11. Transforming Differences into Strengths
  • 12. Final Assignments

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